Heather Croson                                Peggy Moreland                           Jesse Donnelly

 Red Room                                        Yellow Room                                  Blue Room

Want to join our team?  We welcome employment applications from anyone interested in the child care profession.  Benefits include competitive pay, medical insurance, paid vacations and sick time, paid training, and child tuition assistance.

Interested applicants, please fill out our  

Completed applications may be emailed to
or mailed to  PCCC 
                     PO Box 244
                     Upperville, VA  20185


  Jacqui Washington                           Rachel Novick                              Karen Beltran

     Blue Room                                      Purple Room                               Yellow Room


Diana Lichliter                                 Betsy Crenshaw

  Assistant Director                                 Front Office


                          Jacqui Washington                                 Karen Beltran

                                Blue Room                                        Yellow Room

"Every moment is a teachable moment"


Elizabeth Arellano                          Trish Braithwaite                                  Stacy Nalls 

    Infant Room                                   Red Room                                       Green Room

      Alice Duggan

Administrative Director

The teachers at Piedmont Child Care Center are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality care and education for your children.  Piedmont boasts one of the highest average years of stay by its teachers for childcare centers in the area.  Our Administrative Director, Alice Duggan, has served Piedmont and its children since the doors opened in 1984.  The remaining teachers and staff average 5 years of working at PCCC. 

All teachers are certified in CPR, First Aid, and conducting Daily Health Observations.  They also complete at least 16 hours of additional training each year.  Everyone who works at Piedmont is required to pass CPS and criminal background checks before they begin caring for your children.